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Your weight is more than an aesthetic concern. Being overweight can negatively affect your whole body. Losing weight can improve every aspect of your health from your joints to your brain health, and organ function. Consult the staff at Ovation Women's Wellness located in Flowood, Mississippi to discuss managing your weight, losing extra weight, and optimizing nutrition for optimal wellness.

Weight Management

What does weight management entail?

At Ovation Women's Wellness, you'll get a customized weight-loss program that includes personal medical and nutritional counseling counselling. As you work through our program, you'll be monitored and adjustments will be made to cater to your likes and needs. The goal is to help you reach your short and long-term weight loss goals easily.

What makes this weight program different?

You'll be monitored by us throughout, not just given a meal plan and a prayer. The primary goals are to help you reach your goals quickly and safely. The staff wants you not only to lose the weight, but to keep it off for the long-run, even after you've gone off their medically-supervised program.

What is the Ideal Protein Program?

The Ideal Protein Program is the weight-loss protocol used by Ovation Women's Wellness. It's a unique, medically-developed weight-loss system. It promotes fat loss, while supporting the maintenance of lean muscle mass, which is important to your health. You'll receive one-on-one weight-loss coaching and education for post-diet weight maintenance.






Why lose weight?

Achieving a healthy weight reduces your risk of chronic disease, including heart disease, some cancers and type 2 diabetes. A healthy weight also makes menopause symptoms potentially more bearable and improves bladder health, particularly incontinence. Being at a healthy weight also improves your energy levels and boosts your self confidence. Weight loss and management isn't just about fitting into society's expectations for thinness. It's essential to your health, wellness, and robust aging.

I’m not overweight, but don’t want to gain weight. Can you help?

A woman's body and health is ever changing, and this includes your metabolism and weight. Ovation Women's Wellness can educate you about these changes and help you navigate hormone changes that can have a very real effect on the shape and size of your physique. Your nutrition needs change during menopause, too. A nutrition consultation can help you understand these changes so you can maintain energy and enjoy optimal health even as your body transitions.









Myriam Harris, RN

Myriam runs the Weight Loss and Ideal Protein Programs at Ovation Women's wellness. She earned her registered nurse degree at University of Mississippi. She spends time coaching and encouraging women to change unhealthy lifestyle choices and to be the best they can be. She has deep understanding and care for women with emotional eating and other similar disorders and is excited to help you. Along with her other coach, Rivers Mounger, they see women who need to lose a little weight or a lot and she and Rivers have had success with both. Please visit our social network pages linked below for success stories and before and after photos.